Catering packages from La Casa Catering Hong Kong enables you to plan your event in an easy and quick way.

$2,088 (for 6 persons)

Tomahawk Steak Family Set

Stay home Stay safe, our stay at home family catering set has been launched. 


Lamb Rack Set for persons

Nice Lamb chops are saved for special occasions to wow your guests.

Spanish Suckling Pig 原隻西斑牙乳豬 03.jpg

 Spanish Suckling Pig Set

Roast pig with crispy and crunchy skin, juicy and tender.  With secret spices such as mixed vegetables, bay leaves, pepper,  its taste is much more layered than you can expect.


Junk Party Package

No summer is complete without a junk trip. No boat trip can be perfect without gourmet food. Our package provides small bites and easily digestible food which fits junk party most.


Light Party Set

Fruitful party food is here for your friends or your staff parties!


Deluxe Party Set

Suitable for both corporate and private events, from birthday bashes to opening celebrations. Great value for any events.


Executive Cocktail Package

Our handmade beautiful canapes must be one of the highlights of your event. Set-up and waiter services are included in this package.


Chinese Party Set

You can now enjoy a traditional Chinese dishes in your own place!


Chef-in Service

You can invite our chefs to cook for you!

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Drink Package

For a selection of fine wine, premium champagne, juice, tea and coffee. We also provide beverage catering packages to be served by our professional waiters.

Sold Out

Ready-to-cook Pack

All ingredients are prepared for you. You can become a chef and prepare a dish in just 15 mins!