Executive Lunch Package

Bento Box

A01    Beef Meat Ball Spaghetti + Wild Mushroom Vol-au-vent + Grilled Mixed Vegetables

(意式(牛)肉丸意大利粉 + 野菌酥皮盒 + 扒雜菜)


A02     Teriyaki Chicken Steak White Rice + Wild Mushroom Vol-au-vent + Grilled Mixed Vegetables

 (日式照燒雞扒飯 + 野菌酥皮盒 + 扒雜菜)


A03    Salami & Tomato Penne +  Honey Chicken Wing + Grilled Mixed Vegetable

(辣肉腸車厘茄長通粉 + 蜜糖燒雞翼 + 扒雜菜)


A04    Smoked Salmon Fried Rice + Chicken Wings + Grilled Mixed Vegetables

 (日式三文魚鬆炒飯 + 雞翼 + 扒雜菜)


A05     Smoked Salmon Spaghetti  +  Honey Chicken Wing + Sautéed Mixed Vegetables

 (煙三文魚忌廉意大利粉 + 蜜糖燒雞翼 + 炒雜菜)


A06     Taiwanese Three-Cup Chicken with White Rice + Cheesy Fish Curd + Sautéed Mixed Vegetables

 (台式三杯雞配白飯 + 芝心魚腐 + 炒雜菜)


A07     Japanese Beef Udon + Japanese Tufo + Sautéed Mixed Vegetables

 (日式牛肉炒烏冬 + 日式豆腐 + 炒雜菜)



A08     Taiwanese Minced Pork with Rice + Chicken Karaage+ Sautéed Mixed Vegetables

 (台式肉燥飯 + 日式炸雞 + 炒雜菜 )


A09    Truffle Wild Mushroom Penne + Chicken Karaage + Sautéed Mixed Vegetables

(黑松露野菌長通粉 + 日式炸雞 + 炒雜菜)


A10    Mixed Beans Salad + Malaysian Curry Beef with Pita Breads

(雜豆沙律 + 馬來西亞咖喱牛肉配烤餅)

Company can order bento box catering for staff lunch
La casa salad & sandwich are healthy catering for office lady

Salad & Sandwich

B01      Chickpea, Bell Pepper & Sweet-corn Salad + Roast Chicken & Tomato Sandwich (雞心豆甜椒粟米沙律 + 燒雞蕃茄三文治)


B02      Roast Pumpkin Salad + Turkey Ham & Cheese Sandwich (燒南瓜沙律+ 火雞腿芝士三文治)


B03      Sandwich Combo: Parma Ham Salad + Fish & Guacamole Sandwich (意大利風乾火腿沙律+炸魚牛油果醬三文治)


B04     Japanese Chicken Salad + Smoked Salmon Egg Sandwich (胡麻醬雞絲沙律+燻三文魚雞蛋沙律三文治)

La casa catering can deliver Burger combos to your home

Burger Combos


C01     BBQ Chicken Burger + Potato Wedge (燒烤醬雞扒漢堡 + 香脆薯角)



C02     Angus Beef Burger + Potato Wedge (安格斯牛肉漢堡包 + 香脆薯角)



C03     Fish & Guacamole Burger + Potato Wedge (炸魚牛油果醬漢堡 + 香脆薯角)



C04     Teriyaki Pork Burger + Potato Wedge (日式汁燒豬腩片漢堡+香脆薯角)

Vegetarian option menu become popular in hong kong catering

Vegetarian Option

D01    Portobello Mushroom Burger + Potato Wedge (大啡菇漢堡 + 香脆薯角)


D02    Roast Pumpkin Salad + Avocado, Tomato & Cheese Sandwich (燒南瓜沙律+ 牛油果蕃茄芝士三文治)


D03     Mixed Beans with Red Rice & Cream Sauce + Spinach & Wild Mushroom Frittata + Sautéed Mixed Vegetables (忌廉雜豆配紅米飯 + 菠菜野菌蛋批+炒雜菜)


D04     Truffle Wild Mushroom Penne + Spinach Frittata + Sautéed Mixed Vegetables (黑松露野菌長通粉 + 意式菠菜蛋批 + 炒雜菜)


$120 each

Min. order: 12 boxes for each set

For bulk order, please ask for quotation


Special dessert is included in lunch catering

Daily Dessert included


More to note:

-Daily minimum  total orders: 20 boxes

- Maximum 4 selections per day 

All dishes are served in individual boxes. Disposable cutleries will be provided upon request

Delivery Fee

- No delivery charge (pick up from driver @parking area, +$150 for door to door ) for order over HK$5,000 (except district C & D).

  Delivery Charge for different districts:-

  District A: HK Island: HK$300 (door to door) or HK$150 (pick up from driver @parking area)

  District B: Kowloon or Kwai Tsing: HK$300 (door to door) or HK$150 (pick up from driver @parking area)

  District C: Other N.T. area: HK$400 (door to door) or HK$250 (pick up from driver @parking area)

  District D: Tung Chung or Discovery Bay: HK$600 (door to door) or HK$400 (pick up from driver @parking area)

-  4 working days (Mon-Fri) for delivery upon order placement with full payment is required.

- Email us at info@lacasabistro.com or simply call us at 6999 6143 for ordering.


Central Kitchen: Flat 1B, 6/F, Hong Leong Industrial Complex, 4 Wang Kwong Rd, Kowloon Bay

La Casa Burger & Pasta: G/F, 2 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan 

Tel: 3705 2408 / 6999 6143  

Email: info@lacasabistro.com

Food Factory License Number:2951809293


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