Light Wedding Party

(for Light Party)

  1. Orange , Quinoa & Smoked Salmon Salad  香橙藜麥煙三文魚沙律 

  2. Bocconcini & Cherry Tomato Skewer 水牛芝士車厘茄串

  3. Parma Ham & Melon 意大利風乾火腿哈蜜瓜

  4. Shrimp Cocktail 蝦咯嗲

  5. Truffle Wild Mushroom Vol-au-vent 黑松露野菌酥盒 (VF)

  6. Teriyaki Chicken Skewer 日式照燒雞串

  7. Fish & Chips Cones 炸魚薯條杯

  8. Spanish Suckling Pig 原隻西斑牙乳豬

  9. Mini Beef & Cheese Burger 迷你芝士牛肉漢堡包

  10. Mini Salami & Pineapple Pizza 迷你辣肉腸菠蘿比薩

  11. Mini Fresh Fruit Tart 迷你田園雜果撻

  12. Mini Chocolate Mousse Cup 迷你朱古力慕絲杯

  13. French Macaron幸福法式馬卡龍


Drinks: Orange Juice, Soft Drinks, Coffee / Tea & Still Water

Mini Burger.jpeg


HK$398 per person (Min. 50 guests)

What's included in this package? 

This price includes 4 hours waiter serving (including set-up & dismantle)

2 hours drinks free-flow

buffet table with table-cloths, food presentation trays & chafing dish for food display, decorations, disposable tableware for guests (+$20 per person for reusable tableware) & round-trip delivery

How to place order?

- Email us at or simply call us at 6999 6143 for ordering.

-  14 working days (Mon-Fri) for delivery upon order placement with full payment is required.