Chicken /Duck

Western Style

H1    Baked Chicken Breast with Lemon & Thyme 檸檬香草焗雞胸 -  $328 (L tray)

H2    Braised Chicken Breast with Mustard Cream Sauce 忌廉芥末汁燴雞 -  $358 (L tray)

H3    Roast Chicken with Rosemary 露絲瑪利燒雞 - $528 (L tray)

Asian Fusion 

H4    Asian-style Chicken Ball with Chinese Olives 蜜汁欖角雞球 - $328 (L tray)

H5    Kung Pao Chicken 宮保雞球 - $328  (L tray)(CH)

H6    Teriyaki Chicken Steak 日式照燒雞扒 - $328 (L tray)

H7    Saliva chicken 四川口水雞 - $528 (L tray) (CH)

H8    Royal Chicken in Scallop Sauce 瑤柱貴妃雞 - $528 (L tray)


Western Style

H9   Roasted Baby Pork Ribs with Honey & Mustard Sauce 燒豬仔骨配蜜糖芥茉醬 - $428 (L tray)

H10  Roasted US Pork Tenderloin with Plum Sauce燒美國豬柳配西梅汁 - $468 (L tray)

H11   Roast Pork Belly with Apple & Onion 蘋果洋蔥燒豬腩肉 - $468 (L tray)

H12   German Pork Knuckle with Pickles 德國豬手配醃菜 - $528  (L tray)

H13  Spanish Suckling Pig 原隻西斑牙乳豬 - $1,098 (XL tray )

Asian Fusion 

H14   Peking Pork Chops & Peach京都水蜜桃豬排 - $328  (L tray)

H15   Shanghainese Braised Pork Trotters上海紅燒元蹄 -  $528  (L tray)


Western Style

H16  Braised Angus Beef Cheek with Red Wine Sauce 紅酒燴安格斯牛臉頰 - $588 (L tray)

H17  Roasted US Beef Sirloin with Gravy 燒美國西冷配燒汁$648 (L tray)

Asian Fusion 

H18  Chinese style Angus Beef with Honey Black Pepper Sauce 中式黑椒安格斯牛柳粒 -$588 (L tray)(CH)

H19  Thai Beef Curry with Roti Paratha  泰式咖喱牛肉配烤餅$438 (L tray)(CH)

H20  Korean style Braised US Short Ribs 韓式醬燒美國牛肋條 - $588 (L tray)


Western Style

H21  Braised Lamb Leg in Italian Style 意式燴羊腿 $538 (L tray)

H22  Roasted Rack of Lamb with Rosemary Sauce燒羊架配露絲瑪利汁$598 (L tray)

SEAFOOD - (L tray )

Western Style

H23   Baked Sole Fish with Lemon & Dill 檸檬香草焗龍脷柳 $328 (L tray)

H24   Mussels with Tomatoes & Chilli 蕃茄辣椒煮青口$438 (L tray)  (CH)

H25   Clams with White Wine, Basil & Garlic香草蒜片白酒汁煮蜆$438 (L tray)

H26   Pan-fried Salmon Fillet with Tomato Cream Sauce 香煎三文魚柳配蕃茄忌廉汁$468 (L tray)

H27   Pan-fried Ling Fish with Mussel Cream Sauce 香煎青衣魚柳配青口忌廉汁 - $468 (L tray)

H28   Grilled King Prawn with Mango & Tomato Salsa 燒大蝦配芒果蕃茄沙沙 $1,088 (12 pcs)  / $568 (6 pcs)

Asian Fusion 

H29 Korean Fish Fillet 韓式醬燒魚塊$328(L tray)

Vegetable - (L tray)

Western Style

H29    Grilled Mixed Vegetables 扒雜菜 -$268(L tray) (V)

H30   Wild Mushroom with Crispy Garlic 炒野菌炸蒜片 $298(L tray) (V)

Asian Fusion 

H31   Baby Cabbage with Chinese Ham in Superior Stock上湯雲腿娃娃菜- $198(L tray) (V)

H32  Braised Bean Curd with Macrolepiota Albuminosa 雞樅菌紅燒豆腐- $198(L tray) (V)

H33  Sauteed Mixed Vegetables with Garlic 中式蒜香炒雜菜(四季豆,椰菜花,甘筍片,雜菇)-$198(L tray) (V)

H34  Japanese-style Mixed Vegetables 日式炒雜菜- $198(L tray) (V)

H35  Szechuan-style Stir-fried Green Beanstray) 干煸四季豆 -$248(L tray) (V) (CH)

V - Vegetarian Dish, CH - Chili Dish

XL tray: approx. 6-8 lb, tray size : 30 cm (W) x 42 cm (L)

L tray: approx. 4-6 lb, tray size: 25 cm (W) x 32 cm (L)

How to place order?

For Drop-off Delivery

- Email us at or simply call us at 6999 6143 for ordering.

- All dishes are served in aluminum trays. Disposable cutleries will be provided upon request.

- No delivery charge (pick up from driver @parking area, +$150 for door to door ) for order over HK$5,000 (except district C & D).

  Delivery Charge for different districts:-

  District A: HK Island: HK$300 (door to door) or HK$150 (pick up from driver @parking area)

  District B: Kowloon or Kwai Tsing: HK$300 (door to door) or HK$150 (pick up from driver @parking area)

  District C: Other N.T. area: HK$400 (door to door) or HK$250 (pick up from driver @parking area)

  District D: Tung Chung or Discovery Bay: HK$600 (door to door) or HK$400 (pick up from driver @parking area)

-  4 working days (Mon-Fri) for delivery upon order placement with full payment is required.

For Event Catering

- We also provide waiting service, set-up service and utensil rental service. Please call us at 6999 6143 or email us at to ask for quotation.

- You may also press the button to leave your information, our staff will contact you shortly.