Executive Cocktail Package

Canapes Options (choose 6 or 8)



Bacon wrapped Sausage 脆煙肉腸仔卷 

Beef Meat Ball with Barbecue Sauce 意大利肉丸配燒烤醬

Cheddar Cheese wrapped in Parma Ham with Figs Jam 風乾火腿車打芝士無花果醬卷 

Chicken Finger with Mayonnaise 雞手指配蛋黄醬

Cook Ham & Asparagus Roll  意大利火腿蘆荀卷

Duck Leg Confit Spring Roll 法式油浸鴨腿春卷 

Feta Cheese & Pine nut wrapped in Grilled Zucchini  燒意大利青瓜羊奶芝士松子仁卷 (V)

Mexican Vegetables Mini Roll 墨西哥雜菜卷 (V)

Pork Belly & Asparagus Roll with Minced Garlic 蒜泥白肉蘆荀卷

Salami, Cheddar Cheese & Olive Skewer 辣肉腸車打芝士水欖串

Sesame Seared Tuna with Spring Onion 黑芝麻輕煎吞拿魚配蔥花 

Spinach & Wild Mushroom Frittata 菠菜野菌蛋批 (V)

Teriyaki Chicken & Shiitake Mushroom Skewer 日式燒雞冬菇串

Thai Curry Samosa & Vegetable Spring Roll 泰式咖喱角及雜菜春卷 (V)

Truffle Wild Mushroom Roll with Prosciutto 風乾火腿黑松露野菌卷 

Truffle Wild Mushroom Samosa 黑松露野菌角 (V)

Angus Beef Tenderloin & Mushroom Skewer 安格斯牛柳野菌串  (plus $10)

Cajun Grilled Prawn 香辣大蝦 (plus $10)

Satay Shrimp Spring Roll 沙嗲大蝦春卷 (plus $10)

Seared Scallop with Carrot Puree & Crispy Bacon 輕煎帶子配甘荀蓉及脆煙肉  (plus $20)


Caviar Cream Cheese Tartlet 黑魚籽忌廉芝士撻

Crab Meat Vol-Au-Vent 蟹肉酥皮盒

Cucumber Cream Cheese Sandwich 迷你青瓜忌廉芝士三文治 (V)

Egg Salad, Asparagus & Crispy Bacon Tart 蛋沙律蘆荀脆煙肉撻 

Parma Ham & Rocket Mini Toast 意大利風乾火箭菜多士

Pastrami, Pickle & Honey Mustard on Toast 黑椒煙薰牛肉酸青瓜蜜糖芥末多士

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Open Sandwich 煙三文魚忌廉芝士三文治

Smoked Salmon, Lemon & Dill Mayo on Toast 煙三文魚檸檬香草多士

Truffle Wild Mushroom Vol-Au-Vent 黑松露野菌酥皮盒(V)

Angus Beef Mini Cheeseburger 迷你安格斯芝士漢堡包 (plus $10)

Mushroom Mini Burger 迷你野菌漢堡包 (V) (plus $10)


Assorted Macaroon Tray 法式馬卡龍

Chocolate & Almond Brownie with Passion Plant 朱古力杏仁布朗尼配龍珠果

Mini Chocolate Tart with Brandy Raisins (3 cm) 迷你朱古力撻配白蘭地提子乾

Mini Fresh Fruit Tart (3 cm) 迷你鮮果撻

Mini Lemon Tart with Pistachio (3 cm) 迷你檸檬撻配開心果

PLUS 1 Standard Drink Section (2 hours free-flow)

Orange Juice, Soft Drinks, Coffee / Tea & Still Water


More drink options please refer to our Drink Menu

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HK$228 per person

for 6 kinds of canape

HK$298 per person

for 8 kinds of canape

1 pc of canape for each kind will be served

 (Min. 50 guests)

10% discount for cocktail party over 100 guests

What's included in this package? 

4 hours waiter serving (including set-up & dismantle)
2 hours drinks free-flow
Set-up with table-cloths, food presentation trays & chafing dish for food display, decorations, disposable tableware 
for guests (+$25 per person for reusable tableware), waiter serving & round-trip delivery

**waiters are mainly for set-up, refill food & drink section, 2 waiters will be provided for first 50 guests, 1 waiter will be added for every 50 guests, for extra waiters, the cost is HK$650 / 4 hours per each waiter (For pass-around party: 1:20 as the ratio of waiter to guests would be recommended)


3'x6' long table: $100 each

table skirting (red / grey / white): $100 each

extra table cloth (white / black): $80 each

How to place order?

- Email us at info@lacasabistro.com or simply call us at 6999 6143 for ordering.

-  14 working days (Mon-Fri) for delivery upon order placement with full payment is required.